FAA Certified  Drone Pilots



Film Production & Editing


More than pilots.

Flight skills combined with camera technique provides safe and professional operations as well as beautiful, smooth aerial perspectives that will capture the true beauty of your project. Our creative team has more than fifteen years visual communication and advertising experience driving the deliverable, both on the ground and in the air.

Safety, Efficiency & Added Value.

Drones can put cameras and sensor equipment into areas that humans simply cannot go. This advanced technology allows us to capture images that were not possible in the past.


Construction Inspection:  Proof of Progress

Verify progress with time stamped photography or live video.   We offer daily, weekly, or monthly site monitoring services that allow for critical real-time info.  Modernize your accountability protocol.  We also offer our clients immediate service when you need to PROVE what is happening on your site NOW.


3D Modeling  & Land Survey

UAV (drone) technology has leaped forward dramatically in the last decade.  Our equipment is now capable of delivering 3D models of almost any structure or topography. We can survey hundreds of acres at a time, delivering accurate maps and models much more economically and efficiently than traditional survey techniques.

Infrared Inspection

Thermal cameras take on a whole new role when the perspective is from above.  Drones allow a much broader angle on rooftops, solar arrays, high-rise windows, crop fields and any other application where detecting temperature is invaluable.

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